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PROMES aims to assist owners in creating their best asset value. Our experienced experts have previously worked on different type of projects that helped those owners develop planning, positioning and operation strategy with the proven results.

Clients: Clients

Prime Grade Office Building

Our team has previous experiences of working with many prime grade building owners and operators to help them position and attract good quality tenants. These include Taipei 101, Taipei Nanshan Plaza, Ruentex Songshan & Nangang Station Building, WeWork China, etc. In addition, our experiences has also extended to property leasing and operation, which includes some projects in tier 1 and tier 2 cities, China.    


Complex Mixed Development

Our team previously advised some owners or were involved in some complex mixed development projects. Please contact us for successful track records.

酒店 -  3


Our team has previous experiences of engaging in several boutique hotel development projects for some owners, from early planning, through construction to final completion and operation. Please contact us for successful track records.


Retail Mall

Our experienced experts have previous experiences of engaging in early planning and marketing of retail space for some owners such as Huashan 1914 - Creative Park, Elite Retail Mall, and XueXue.


High-end Residential Project

Our experienced team has successful experiences of engaging in local residential villa development project from the early planning and design, through the construction to the final project delivery. Please contact us for successful track records.

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